automatic packaging machine packing fertilizer/powder/pellets/grains

Computer quantitative automatic packaging machine.the automatic packaging machine is mainly made up with the host,conveyor belts, sewing machine, computer controller, and other components. Host production with no bucket metering, variable frequency control three-speed cutting. Standard of measurement accuracy. the automatic packaging machine is convenient for clean-up and not blocking material.This automatic packing machine is suitable for quantitative rationing and packing of the granule material or particulate material. this automatic packaging machine is suitable for packing fertilizer,grains,pellet,and powder in chemical industry,mixtures,premix,concenteated feed,fishmeal and expanded feed in feed industry,wheat-middling and bran in flour industry,etc

Feature of automatic packaging machine

1.In view of the nature of powder,poor mobility,our feeding system adopt screw blade to drive material forward.

2.Using the frequency conversion technology to control feeding speed and running of machinery.

3.High accuracy measuring and automatically feeding,weighing and discharging.

4.The packing weight is adjustable.


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