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disc pelletizer Main Structure
disc pelletizer machine is used for granulating round fertilizer particles for compound or organic fertilizer. It consists of reduction gears, motor, large disc, large gear, drive part, rack, etc. To learn the parts of it can help you have a better understanding of disc granulating machine.

–Spraying Device
disc pelletizer machine is of wet granulation type. Usually spraying device is installed above the disc to make the material wet and add its viscosity. So to ensure the good viscosity of material, we should often inspect the spraying advice, and ensure its waterway is clear.

disc pelletizer
–The Regulator Part Supports the Granulating Disc
While granulating disc is the most important part of the whole machine, the orthocenter of the disc is installed on the regulator part.

–The Rack Supports the disc pelletizer  Machine
The rotation part of the whole disc pelletizer  machine is supported by the rack. On the rack there is a motor installed, which drives the reduction gear by the belt transmission part.

–Granulating Disc, the Most Important Part of disc pelletizer Machine
The rotating declined disc is the main working part of disc granulator machine. The working efficiency of disc granulating machine is directly proportional to its rotating speed. But with the increasing of the speed, the centrifugal force also increases. The granules will stick onto the disc side and stop to roll down to the bottom. To change this situation, we must add the inclination angle of the disc. Note that the angle should be controlled within a reasonable range to avoid damage to the granules.

pan granulator

–Drive Part Keeps the Whole disc pelletizer  Machine Running
Drive part is an important part of disc granulator machine, controlling the running of the whole machine. When driving shaft drives, due to the friction of force between belt and belt wheel, driven shaft is dragged to drive along with it, transmitting power to large disc for its running. The dead axle and friction belt of drive part should be maintained periodically to ensure the complete running.
The rotation of large gear is assisted by lubricating oil. So during its running, we should inspect its lubrication at regular intervals. Adding lubrication oil and lubricating grease properly so that the granulating machine can have a more steady and reliable running.

pan granulator

disc pelletizer machine working principle
The spraying device above the granulating disc sprays vaporific water out. Through belt conveyor or other equipment, the materials flow constantly into the rotating disc, and are brought up and then down to the bottom through rotation. With the adding of vaporific water, the materials form granular gradually. As time goes on, the granule becomes bigger and bigger. Those that meet the required specification float on the top part of the declined disc and are tossed out in tangent direction during rotation. Others leave in the disc and continue to grow.
Now we can better understand the various parts of disc granulating machine.


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