video of making compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer

this is type of multifunction fertilizer pellet mill, it has double rollers,it can make compound fertilizer,and organic fertilizer granules,the double roller fertilizer granulator production yield is 0.5-1t / h,1-1.5t / h,and 1.5-2t/h, the fertilizer granulation finished fertilizer granules strength is very high,because fertilizer granules is squeezed by the double rollers.

raw materials:DAP,SSP,GYPSUM,bentonite,phosphate,NPK,SHEEP MANURE, COW MANURE , chicken manure, pig manure,bentonite and other animal poultry manure waste and so on

moisture required: below 15%

finished granules size can be 3–10mm

finished granules do not need a rotary drum dryer to dry the moisture,it belongs to dry method granulation


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