how to improve soil structure by organic fertilizer-victor granulator

most of us know organic fertilizer is best than compound fertilizers for crops to grow better,organic fertilizer granules will not destroy the structure of the soil, but a l ot of people dont know what organic fertilizer can bring to soil

1, promoting microbial breeding

Organic fertilizers contain a lot of organic matters, which is the growth of various microorganisms breeding places. According to a lot of research, roots with organic fertilizer and soil nitrogen-fixing bacteria nearly doubled compared with the control, cellulolytic bacteria increased by nearly two-fold, other microbial communities has increased significantly, so the manure can significantly contribute to the aging process of the newly reclaimed land.

2. providing nutrients demeanor comprehensive for our soil

Organic fertilizer is a kind of complete fertilizer. it has the required nutrients that crops requires and a variety of useful elements and nutrients proportion comprehensive, which is beneficial crop uptake. it also has a role in improving soil properties, specifically the application of fertilizers and the use of what and how much should be based on specific circumstances.

3.reducing nutrient fixation, improve nutrient availability

Organic fertilizer contains many organic acids, humic acid, hydroxyl and other substances, which has a strong chelating ability with many metal elements such as manganese, aluminum, iron chelate form a chelate, manganese ions can reduce crop using organic fertilizer has much better and lots of benefits for our soil and crops


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